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Peace Lodge 3936

The Peace Lodge 3936

In ‘The Great War’ or World War 1, fathers, sons and uncles from Teesside sacrificed their lives, touching almost every family in Middlesbrough. Freemasonry was no different. Middlesbrough Freemasons died on the battlefields of World War 1 and The Peace Lodge was set up in 1919 to honour and preserve the memory of the men that gave the greatest gift, a gift of sacrifice to the people of Middlesbrough.

The Peace Lodge motto is: Pax Optima Rerum. Which roughly translated means ‘Peace is the greatest good of all’. It’s taken from a latin passage ‘Silius Italicus’. This is part of a long passage in praise of peace, which is said to be 350 years old.Translated it means “Peace is the best of things, which is given to man to know. A single peace is more powerful than countless triumphs”.

The first ever regular meeting was held on 20th June 1919, only days before the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ was signed on 28th June 1919. We have held almost 1,000 meetings since and we start every year on the third friday of November, the first Friday after Remembrance Sunday, as our mark of respect.

The Peace lodge has ties with the military, media and sport and has a long tradition of almost 100 years of charitable fundraising, of which we are passionately proud. We estimate we have donated close to £50,000 over recent years to charities that help support and positively affect the daily lives of the people of Middlesbrough.

Along with the rest of the country, from 2014 onwards, we will be commemorating the fallen and celebrating our 100th year in 2019 along with the Centenary of the end of World War 1. Out of something so tragic, something so beautiful.

If you would like to know more about our lodge, The Peace Lodge or about Freemasonry in Middlesbrough then please use the contacts below and we look forward to giving you a traditionally warm Peace Lodge welcome.