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Vulcan Lodge 4510

Vulcan Lodge 4510

Middlesbrough became a Township in 1829 and it is situated on the south bank of the River Tees, in the then County of Yorkshire, on the East coast of Northen England. The area had been inhabited since 1801.Iron Ore was found in the hills surrounding the town and the population steadily increasedwith the growth of the Iron and Steel Industry. The town now has a population of 143,800 and is known as being in the area of Teesside.We can read in the 75 year history of the Lodge that there was evidence of a small group of unattached masons in the nearby area of Stockton on Tees about the middle of the eighteenth century. The first lodge in the area was consecrated in 1756 but if fell into abeyance in 1838. Then the Tees Lodge was formed in 1845 from which Freemasonry has spread steadily throughout the area.
North York Lodge was founded in 1852 which was 23 years after the birth of the Town. Gradually the number of lodges increased to five as applicants were plentiful and they were clambering to join the Institution.
The Lodges had long waiting lists so it was decided in 1922 that a sixth Lodge should be formed to take account of the long waiting list as an overflow lodge.

The main industry and employer in the area at that time was Iron and Steel, hence many of the Founding Petitioners of this sixth Lodge were employed in that industry. Therefore it was quite a natural choice that the name of the new Lodge should reflect some aspect of this important industry, particularly as we know that “Vulcan. was a Greek and Roman Mythological God of Fire and Metal Working. Hence the name VULCAN was suggested and accepted with the logo being a large steam hammer as was in use in the foundries of the Iron and Steel Industry.

Thus in 1923 the Lodge was founded in Middlesbrough, in the Province of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings on the register of the United Grand Lodge of England.


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